SINCE we were talking about overseas Malaysian student network Malaysia Forum on last week’s #RAGEchat, we decided to do a little census of our Tweeples to see where they were from.

 Our cover story was on how student networks like Malaysia Forum (@MsiaForum) were engaging Malaysians around the world in discussions that could benefit the country, so we wanted to see how well we were connecting Malaysians around the world with our little network here too.

 Turns out we aren’t doing too bad – we had Malaysians from Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore joining our #RAGEchat in those couple of hours, even while our new friends from Malaysia Forum were still sleeping halfway around the world.

 With all those different perspectives from Malaysians around the world, it was as good a time as any to ask about what they thought about the brain drain, how they felt about studying overseas, what worried them most about Malaysia, and what they can do to help from abroad. Here’s what they said:

 @Roshinee_M: I just joined college and most say their ambition is to go abroad. Just bcoz. They’re not even giving Msia a chance at all

@revarawr: I’ve studied in America and now am studying in Australia but there’s no place like home honestly, @thestar_rage. #homesick

@ckaven134: Malaysia is my home! I’ll study and work here! 😀

@aaron1kee: No. This is an amazing country and the quality of education is still relatively high, factoring in cost & benefit analysis.

@terrytoh90: I understand the #braindrain prob, but the salary kl is not sufficient for the current cost of living. #moneydrain

@okaykei: choosing to study in the UK is one of the best decisions i’ve made,but malaysia is still home! also,while some things are better abroad i wish everyone could emulate the better things and bring it back.

> For Malaysians working/studying overseas: What’s the issue you’re worried about most back home?

@Kyp_Lim: too many things. The education system. The electoral system. The economy. The leadership. #RAGEChat

@Maxsterism: Political Stability, Equal Opportunity, Transparency in Governance. (can’t really choose between them)

@angain403: I have 2 sisters studying in UK. Biggest change they want 2 c in Msia is change in social behaviour. ie mentality

@amuo_tomoko: Job Opportunity & Pay

@ruxyn: Equality.

> We also wrote about the United Kingdom and EIRE Council (UKEC) of Malaysia in our cover story last week, and they were kind enough to join us on #RAGEchat and chip in with some opinions. UKEC organises a career fair in London every year for around 40 top Malaysian firms and businesses, allowing them to hire Malaysian graduates in Britain, fresh out of the oven. They tweeted: “@UKEC: get involved in the UKEC career fair (brain gain), charity projects, intellectual discussions & Malaysia nights to promote Malaysia.”

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