No go for Panik

Bunkface lead singer, Shamsul Annuar Mohd Baharum or better known as Sam, is upset that the band’s latest single Panik won’t get as much airplay as their other songs.

That is because Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) had recently announced their decision to ban the song from being played on any of their stations.

Sam said that one of the reasons why the song is banned by RTM is because it contains the word “reformasi” (reformation) in the lyrics.

“The song is banned just because the word reformasi is used in it, even though Panik is not a political song.

* Sam *

“The word reformasi in this song’s context doesn’t imply any political incidents that may have happened in the past,” explained Sam.

He also said that when he writes a song, the lyrics are often based on life experiences worth sharing with his listeners and that they are never to create any controversy.

He added that although he is upset, he respects RTM’s decision and that the incident has not broken his spirit. Sam said that he will continue to write lyrics and make music that Bunkface fans would appreciate.

The budding songwriter had earlier received the Young Potential Composer award at the Music Authors’ Copyright Protection (MACP) Malaysia 2011 soiree last week.


Happy baby news

Dance choreographer Linda Jasmine, 39, who is married to actor Que Haidar, is expected to give birth to a baby girl in May.

Linda, who is currently four months pregnant, was ecstatic to receive the news as she had always wanted another baby after giving birth to her second child Tengku Ratu Haidar, now two.

“We had always planned to have another baby together and I’m happy to have conceived again at this age. I’m not getting any younger, you know.

“My pregnancy has just entered the second trimester and my life is going pretty well right now. I just can’t wait to see my new baby.

* Congrats to Jasmine and Que *

“After the scanning process, my doctor is 95% sure that the baby is going to be a girl. However, it is still too soon to confirm anything,” she said.

The dancer is currently battling a serious bout of allergies brought on by the pregnancy but said that she had the same ailment while carrying her other kids.
“It’s getting better, though. I’m not as prone to allergy now as I did earlier in the pregnancy,” she said.

Linda, who gave birth to Ratu through C-section, said that she reacted badly to the painkiller injected to her body during the delivery. However, she doesn’t mind going through the pain again for the next child.

“Even though I am allergic to painkillers, I’m just going to go through the delivery thinking that it’s a small sacrifice I make for my baby,” said Linda.

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