THE speed and effectiveness of the Internet has made today’s fashion world a more exciting place. Trends spread quickly and easily around the world, and community websites like Chictopia help inspire fashion lovers everywhere.

The most popular street style website is, where thousands of style shots are posted by people of all ages from all over the world. Its simple navigation allows one to search styles via brand, clothing type and even country.

I found a handful of colourful local individuals on Lookbook who could very well be the next big thing among the fashion-conscious youth here.

Munira Hamzah, 21, Architecture student

The first thing you would notice about Munirah’s shots are how she implements her hijab into every one of them.

Munirah Hamzah

Munirah Hamzah

“Nothing is stylish about a girl trying too hard and feeling weird and uncomfortable in it (hijab). And modesty is underrated,” shares Munirah when asked about hijab fashion.

Stating Kate Lanphear and Louise Ebel ( as her style icons, Munirah says that fashion bazaars, bundle shops and Central Market in Kuala Lumpur are her favourite fashion haunts.

“Truth be told, I’m no fashionista. I mean, I do love buying beautiful clothes, but the places where I shop are far from glamorous or fashion-forward. They are convenient. It makes it that much more exciting when you find something special,” she says.

A loyal follower of streetstyle blog HEL Looks (, Munirah also finds style inspiration from fictional characters, books, period movies, fantasy films, and even, the National Geographic.

“I only buy pieces I love and I rarely let them go. The trick is to not fall too easily for trends. Buy things that you would still wear in 10 years. Of course, the way you wear them could make it seem like a whole new outfit altogether.”

Suelyn Ting, 18, Graphic Design student

Suelyn has always loved Lookbook, but it took her a while to pluck up the courage to post her style shots. The positive comments that she got motivated her to continue posting her looks which consist of very casual ensembles, with a lots of skirts.

Suelyn Ting

Suelyn Ting

Besides browsing through the boutiques in Bangsar, KL, for affordable and unique pieces, blogshop owner Suelyn browses through online stores.
Inspired by celebrities like Alexa Chung and Zooey Deschanel, Suelyn turns to for additional online inspiration.

Aishah A, 22, lecturer in architecture

Of Malay, Pakistani, Arabian and Indian parentage, Aishah was born in Malaysia and grew up in England, before returning to her home country again. Like other Muslim girls on Lookbook, Aishah keeps faithful to the hijab in all her pictures.



“Personally I think that’s what makes it more challenging and fun. Makes me wanna try harder because I love fashion so much! But I would never go against my values just to follow a certain trend. Fashion to me is just like architecture, it’s a matter of proportions.”

Amanda L, 18, Communications student

Cute and quirky, most of Amanda’s ensembles are either sourced from high street stores like Topshop, Forever 21 or Cotton On, or put together herself with stuff she got from other places.



Yuna Zarai, 24, singer

Currently in the United States to promote her new album Decorate, Yuna’s style shots show a sophisticated side to her. Another individual who styles around the hijab, Yuna has mastered the art of layering which is beautiful to inspect.



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