Dark ConfidantI may have dropped off the trading card game (TCG) scene awhile back, but when something as cool as Modern Masters from Magic: the Gathering comes up, I’ll still recognize it as gold.


One of the biggest issues with the Modern format of Magic play was how incredibly hard was, for casual and new players, to acquire some of the better cards.


It briefly took the gloss off everyone’s favorite tournament format, Standard, but when I left the game a couple of years back, the prices of Modern’s top cards were simply stratospheric. It was nuts!


Fast forward to late 2012, when Wizards of the Coast first announces that it would be reproducing some of the notorious format’s gems: cue fan frenzy! And lo and behold, the official spoilers are being previewed on now.


Will this put the funk back into the game here? Will it be another short-lived marketing gimmick? Do Magic players everywhere, care? Well, one thing’s for certain: cracking these packs will be pure joy – for sure!


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