Keen on bashing zombies and love your card games? Then Bandai’s Resident Evil Deck Building Game might be the one for you.

Before you accuse Bandai of trying to cash in on the zombie craze of late, Resident Evil is itself one of the most venerable video game franchises ever. Spawning a hit movie franchise starring none other than the uber-babe, Milla Jovovich, few things are as eternal as Resident Evil, I dare say.

The new card game utilizes fast-paced combat mechanics and a neat look that’s beefed up by computer graphic imagery from the game’s promotional artwork stockpile.

You play one of the main characters of the game: Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine or Albert Wesker. Starting with a bunch of cards that represent items and weapons – again, bare essentials only – players build up their arsenal by drawing cards as the game progresses.

Ultimately, you need to survive and defeat “the Infected” via Weapons, Ammunition, Action or Item cards.

With three different story modes right off the band (Story, Mercenary and Versus), Bandai promises that no two games will ever be the same. Hey that one sounds awfully familiar…

More information on the game, including a free rules PDF document, head over to

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