I can’t say I was big on sports in school.

I didn’t skip any PJ classes and I took part in sports day a couple of times but I mainly played squash, tennis and football (rather badly).

Never one to be picked first for a team, nor was I last choice, I guess you could say I was average at sports.

Which begs the question – what in the world am I hoping to achieve tomorrow at the Games of Death?

Yup, you heard right, I, Nasa Maria Entaban (aka Nasassistic) have signed up to do all of the following, all in one day:

– Tug of War

– Track Relay

– Basketball

– Beach Soccer

– Beach Volleyball

It’s mainly to just do something I wouldn’t normally do, in the ‘spirit of adventure’, and yeah, since I wouldn’t normally voluntarily get up at 630am on a Saturday to spend a whole day torturing myself, its safe to say this is one of the more adventurous things I’d do.

Tomorrow, that could be me (no, not really)

Tomorrow, that could be me (no, not really)

GoD isn’t a new thing – a friend has been organising the event annually for the past couple of years, and when invited to participate in the last one, I signed up, but chickened out closer to the date.

I admit, that wasn’t one of my proudest moments, but in my defense my friend Alexandra stepped in to take my place (phew).

I guess I’m fated to kick off my heels, throw on a sports bra, track pants and sports shoes for at least a day. Hopefully, with help from my team (R.AGE peeps) we won’t suck so much.

PS: Ian Yee is also doing something in the spirit of adventure -read about it here.

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