Fantasy Flight Games (www.fantasyflightgames) is one helluva busy company these days.

Wait, it has always been busy, so yeah – in my books, it counts as one of the top, top game companies, as it churns out a steady stream of licensed and original, unlicensed boardgames, card games (more of the non-trading card game, or TCG types) as well as role playing games (you might know them as RPGs).
A couple of months ago I highlighted its newest tactical miniatures game, Dust Tactics, which depicts an alternate take on history. What if the Second World War raged on, and never finished by 1945? And, instead of just tanks and infantry, the world powers would evolve their armies to include mechanical two-legged contraptions – yeah, think Robotech but in a more history-based look and feel.
But the world of Dust is much bigger than a miniatures game of course. It was first seen in game form, via FFG’s 2007 release, the Dust boardgame. The global conquest game is still available in better game stores everywhere, and is a blast to play by the way. More information on the game can be found at (
Now, FFG has given us a surplus of links on all things Dust – the minis, a fan page, comics, you name it – here ( There’s a Dust Models page, which is not part of the Dust Tactics line, but still bloody cool as the fans have done them up and made some really fine-looking minis.
And finally, new stuff is arriving! Dust Tactics will have four new expansion packs, each on a single bunch of mean-looking trooper dudes. FFG has confirmed ( that the Allies will have the BBQ Squad while the Axis gets their Laser Grenadiers – both of which are able to do very interesting (and quite painful) things to whoever / whatever that crosses their paths.
These are the only two revealed by FFG so far, so stay tuned to their website for more info!

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