If you’re in Bangsar or near the area, you’d be pleased to know that there’s now a new place to hang out, play boardgames, order snacks and even rent some books.

Boardgame Depot is two months-old, but looks like a perfect place to hang, especially if you’re too lazy to hustle through traffic and get home to PJ (like me).

Opened by an enterprising lad named Tho Lye Choong, the place is actually an offshoot of Book X-cess, a famed second-hand book haven (which was founded by his mom actually).

The gaming place still retains the second hand books, and is still in Lucky Garden, Bangsar.

Boardgame Depot operates by a members-only concept: meaning you need to be a member to play. By the way this concept seems to be taking off as quite a number of cafes and places, operate using the same concept.

I was intrigued by the opening hours: open from late AM till 1am daily, except Mondays. Simply great for guys like me, who’d love nothing more than to play boardgames and TCGs in a quieter corner of Bangsar. Parking’s also pretty easy to score, and with free-flow snacks and drinks, as well as a nice, bright and clean ambience, this place has the makings of a favoured gaming stop already.

The fact that it has a second-hand book section means you could bring friends / your significant other, and have them check out the books, while you parlay over cards, boards and dice.

Check out Boardgame Depot’s website here,, or find them on Facebook (“Boardgame Depot”) and Foursquare (same name) as well.

Address of the place is 16A (1st Floor), Lorong Ara Kiri 3, Lucky Garden, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. It’s quite near the TMC supermarket actually, in case you’re wondering.

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