World of Warcraft TCG continues to grow from strength to strength…

as Cryptozoic Entertainment seems to be doing a fine job in reviving the franchise, after an uncertain ending, when Upper Deck Entertainment still published it.

IMHO the game is heading into the right direction right now, judging by the surge of interest, and the return of veteran players to the questing fold, in recent months.

Right now, the Klang Valley has at least four venues supporting WoW TCG tournaments. A decent resurgence for a game that was once almost dead!

For me, a game will survive if you have plenty of product and out-of-the-box options across different player types.

Randolphe Mortimer

Randolphe Mortimer

Last year, Cryptozoic did a smart thing by releasing the 2010 Class Starter Decks, which were a series of preconstructed starter decks with a full 60 cards, that is playable right out of the box.

Among the highlights of the decks were a smattering of epics and rares: just enough to whet the appetite of gamers for more!

An all-round excellent product, and one that makes perfect sense, as anyone could pick one up and play immediately. A number of the cards in the decks were in multiple copies too, making play experience more consistent and enjoyable.

Well, it’s 2011 now, and this year’s Class Starter Decks are back!

With ten new class combinations, there’s one for everyone! Online stores and the March issue of Game Trade Magazine lists the class-race combos as Goblin Rogue, Forsaken Death Knight, Orc Warrior, Blood Elf Warlock, Tauren Shaman, Draenei Priest, Human Paladin, Gnome Mage, Worgen Hunter, and Night Elf Druid.

And to sweeten the deal, each starter will have a War of the Elements booster pack, as well as a rulebook, quickstart rules summary and a hero card. Each deck costs around US$11 – awesome deal for all of that.

The 2011 Class Starter Decks are tentatively slated for a May 2011 release. Local availability should follow the same timeframe. We can’t wait!

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