The age-old debate on whether which is better, boardgames-and-other-pen-and-paper-games or video and online games is a pretty longstanding one, and doesn’t look like it’ll “settle” any time soon.


I’m partial towards the more traditional games, but certainly can’t say that living card games and boardgames are superior to the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) games running rampant out there. Different strokes for different folks I say.


It’s interesting though, that us gamers try to break down this “feud” often, as illustrated by a recent article.


It did get me thinking though: will there be a time when one completely disappears, swallowed up by the overwhelming presence of the other?


I hope not: the more traditional types of games definitely have niches to play, and it’s healthy to see fervent support for them still in existence, despite the “inevitability” of video games.


That’s the subject of my article on R.AGE this week. Enjoy!


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