NEED some extra help in keeping your relationship alive and thriving? There’s an app for that. Make that MANY apps.

R.AGE has a comprehensive list that should help you navigate the tricky minefield of romantic relationships.

And if these apps can’t help you keep the romance alive, you can probably search for apps that help you have a clean break-up.

The BroApp allows you to outsource your texting commitments to an app, which then sends sweet messages once a day to the lady in your life.

Simply specify your girlfriend’s name in your contact list, pick from a list of customisable messages, and pick the time you would like BroApp to text her. Voila!


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Avocado (which grows in pairs, by the way,) is a couple app that enables lovey-dovey twosomes to stay in touch.

Think of it as a fancy, couple-only form of Whatsapp, where couples can send messages and pictures to each other, as well as virtual hugs and kisses. Adding to the warm and fuzzy feeling, you can also share lists (for date ideas!) and a calendar.

Similar to Avocado, Couple also enables, well, couples to send each other hugs and kisses. What sets it apart is it’s “thumbkiss” function.

When you place your thumb on the screen, your other half can see where your thumbprint is, and when he or she places a thumb on the same spot, the two of you “kiss” and the print will vibrate and turn red.

It also has a timeline of your romance (think Facebook, but only for your relationship,) so you can scroll back and reminisce on the good times whenever you like.

Lovers can also play a cozy game of tic-tac-toe. Ah, romance.

This is the app your partner would want you to download. It encourages you to fill up your “love tank” – and no, it’s not as dodgy as it sounds – by doing sweet things.

Your partner then gives you “kudos” for each gesture you make, and you can accumulate points to redeem digital “love coupons” he or she has created for you.

It’s not all one-sided, though. You get to give out kudos for sweet things done for you, too, extending this game for two.


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Like its name suggests, Tokii encourages communication. If you’re the sort who would like to know what mood your other half is in, so you don’t accidentally step on some toes, this app is great for you.

It’s all about sharing your feelings and thoughts via games and quizzes like “Should We Move In Together?”

All that, added with the ability to “set your mood,” means the two of you can be more aware of each other’s emotional state, even when you’re not physically together.

No more accidentally setting off an argument with an ill-timed “I’m going to have dinner with my friends instead.” Thanks Tokii!

Invisible Girlfriend (and Boyfriend)
Finally, an app for those who are single but tired of the dreaded “Why don’t you have a girlfriend?” question.

The Invisible Girlfriend app started off as a joke, but is now definitely in the works, with the product still in its pre-launch stage and an Invisible Boyfriend version also on the way.

For a monthly fee, you can pick from three packages that offer services such as interactive texts, phone calls and simple gifts that will hopefully convince nosey relatives that you do, in fact, have a significant other.

The more expensive packages include a Facebook relationship status, notes, and even girl (or boy) friend customisation.

Just submit your email address to the site and you will be notified when your app is up. And then, as the site says, you can get back to “living your life on your own terms.”

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