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THERE were many new compact cameras and DSLRs released throughout 2011 but if I have to choose one that excites me the most, it definitely has to be Canon’s latest flagship DSLR, EOS 1D-X.

Canon revolutionised the EOS-1D series camera with the introduction of EOS 1D-X, set to replace both EOS-1D Mark IV and EOS-1Ds Mark III. The models may be confusing to some, especially to those who are not familiar with Canon’s lineup. Basically, the new camera is the union of both models.

The EOS-1D X features an 18-megapixel full frame Canon CMOS sensor, dual DIGIC 5+ imaging processors, 61-point High Density Reticular, capable of shooting at 12 frames per second and utilises both phase detection auto focus (AF) and face detection AF technology. Low light capability is evident in its incredible ISO range, adjustable from ISO 50 up to ISO 204,800.

The camera can also record full HD (1080p) at 24fps for 29 minutes and 59 seconds.

There is a lot to talk about the new Canon flagship DSLR but it was the price tag that caught my attention. The 1.3x crop factor EOS-1D Mark IV, is priced at about RM16,000 while the full framed EOS-1Ds Mark III is around RM30,000.

I can now get the best of both worlds for an estimated price tag of RM20,000. That said, though, it is going to take a long while before I actually save up RM20,000!

Apart from Canon’s EOS 1D-X, there are also new camera models such as Olympus’ E-PL3 that claims to have the fastest auto focus in the world, Nikon’s new mirror-less 1 system and Sony Alpha A77, one of the most affordable full-framed cameras around.

Phone manufactures are also going to improve their camera along the way, slowly but surely catching up onto the image quality of a dedicated compact camera.

R.AGE organised two photowalks this year, one at the Pudu area in Kuala Lumpur and the most recent one along Jalan Sultan, also in KL. I was only able to participate in the former and despite the heavy rain in the morning, it did not dampen our spirits in our search for beautiful pictures.

We were worried that we would not have enough participants for our photowalks but you guys certainly did not disappoint! Should we organise more photo (and food) walks?

Here’s to a better and exciting 2012. – Jason Lioh


More snapping away

Looking back at 2011, many cameras, equipment and lenses were launched but it’s the Sony Alpha A77 that caught my interest. It may look like a DSLR but it has translucent glass light receiver allowing quick autofocus for video recording and also photo taking.

The A77 boasts a 24mpx sensor with 3D sweep panorama feature which is great for people who are into taking scenery shots. I’ve personally tried it and am currently using it for my photo assignments. Great stuff!

2011 was also a year which I got involved in two photowalks organised by R.AGE. It was a nice experience as I had the honour of guiding a group of young photography enthusiasts to take pictures on the streets. Being able to review their pictures allowed us to discuss and share knowledge on improving our skills.

Another benefit of the photowalk was that we made more friends from the R.AGE community. Being able to hang out with people of same interest really made the photo outing a joyful one.

All in all, it has been an awesome year for photography. More people will be taking pictures next year as enthusiasts grow everyday and cameras become more affordable. I also hope that I would be able to join and guide more photowalks organised by R.AGE so that we can share our knowledge on photography … and take nice more nice pictures along the way! – Jason Goh

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