LADY Gaga is at it again, stirring controversies and making a splash in the entertainment industry with her over-the-top ideas and crazy self.

True to her eccentric ways, the Bad Romance singer made another grand entrance at the 53rd Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Monday, by being hidden in an “egg” carried by semi-nude men.

Where's Gaga?

Where's Gaga?

While encapuslated in the hatch, her Twitter account was updated with: “This is Nicola, Haus of Gaga: Gaga is in incubation. Tonight’s performance is in collaboration with Hussein Chalayan and House of Mugler. X”

“Lady Gaga is in incubation”, what the heck does that even mean? Well, maybe incubation didn’t seem like such a bright idea after all when Lady Gaga was unable to get out the hatch in front of the paparazzi like she had earlier planned.

USA Today reported that Lady Gaga had a “wardrobe malfunction” (in the grandest sense of the nu-term) when she got trapped inside the hatch and had to abandon all plans to emerge as a newborn (or something ridiculous like that).

Seriously, though, there is no understanding as to why and what the heck Lady Gaga does at all times. She’s just crazy. Or artistic if you want to be “politically correct”.

Anyway, thankfully the mishap didn’t occur twice when she repeated the act during her performance on stage at the Grammys. That would have been really embarassing or even awkward for the audience to watch a giant egg on stage for at least three minutes.

Lady Gaga performed her latest single Born This Way, which is also the source of a new controversy for the singer. Fans and especially haters, who listened to the single (released last week), say that the song is eeriely similar to another pop phenomenon’s song.

They claim that Lady Gaga unashamedly sampled Madonna’s 1989 classic hit song Express Yourself in Born This Way. Gasp! Could this be true?

Twitterverse was abuzz with Madonna’s fans accusing Lady Gaga of being unoriginal and riding on the success of the real Queen of Pop’s hardwork all these years.

“Lady Gaga’s song’s good, but my God it sounds exactly like Madonna’s Express Yourself”, while another said, “It doesn’t just sound like Madonna’s Express Yourself. You can literally sing the original over this one.”

Even American Idol alum Chris Daughtry gave his two cents on this matter, tweeting: “Just listened to a clip of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way and I gotta say … sounds a lot like Express Yourself from Madonna. Thoughts?” and “OK. Good. A lot of peeps are saying the same thing so maybe I won’t get raked over the coals.”

While there were many skeptical listeners, celebrity fans of Lady Gaga rallied to show their support on Twitter.

Paramore’s Haley Williams said: “I just heard ‘Born This Way’ and I love it! DON’T BE A DRAG JUST BE A QUEEN,” and blogger Perez Hilton (who is also Lady Gaga’s personal friend) said: “Express Yourself 2.0 is what people are saying? I’ll happily take that!!!”

It is no secret that Lady Gaga is inspired by entertainment chameleon Madonna, as she has said on many different occasions, and the Pop Queen’s influence is evident in the former’s style – be it in music or personality.

We also know that there is no other artiste in the world who has transformed their image as successfully as Madonna has in the past three decades, but Lady Gaga may just give the singer a run for her money in that department soon.


Is Madonna ready to let go of her throne?

While the world is hoping for a huge feud between Lady Gaga and Madonna, it seems as though the two ladies have far better things to do than sharpen their claws on each other.

They even poked fun at people’s desire to see them fight by performing a skit on Saturday Night Live in which they acted like divas fighting for the spotlight. OMG, a premonition way before Born This Way came out and Lady Gaga unwittingly announced that she’s ready to take Madonna’s spot in the industry.

The Lady is definitely ready to de-throne the Queen of Pop but is Madonna ready to let go her royal title? Sounds like a reason for a real feud right there …

Sharm says: For the sake of entertainment, I say yes please. My bet is on Madonna. Any takers?

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