OUR reporter Lim May Lee is in New York City this week to attend the Alexander Wang x H&M fashion show, and will be taking some time to check out some of the awesome things NYC has to offer – all on a budget!

After her assignment with H&M (which will be totally #fancy), she’ll be going on her own little budget vacay – couch-surfing and room-renting for accommodation – so the next time you’re in New York, you’ll know how to get by without losing an arm and two legs.

Of course, she’ll be posting updates from the Alexander Wang x H&M show (and the after-party, #swag) as well, which should be awesome.

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Literature grad-turned-journalist who loves our R.AGE team karaoke nights a little too much. While her literature background has left her with a slightly twisted sense of humour, it has also given her a passion for writing on social issues.

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