It cannot be denied that 2011 was an uh-mazing year and during last week’s #RAGEchat, we discussed the most memorable things that happened throughout the year.

@AcahMadinah: ATTENDING MGMT’S CONCERT. Haha, that was one of the BEST 2011 moments ever!

@peitzeKristin: Most memorable? Went to the National Service @ Kem Nilam Ehsan, Bidor, Perak & got my P license! =D memorable enough!

@anisfilza: Meeting @taylorswift13! And going to her concert in NYC 🙂

@Adam_Lim: I went to the Westlife Concert @ KL. Great performances, way better than my expectations!

@zomg_its_rin: Moved to college in PJ, starting Life as I know it. (:

@AliaLiverpool: LFC in KL!!!! #in2011

@hooihooi: Seeing Iron Maiden live! m/


We also talked about New Year’s Eve and if it really is an important day as many claim it is – to reflect upon the year that past and well, party the night away.

Here’s what some of you had to say about that special day that comes right before a brand new year rolls around.

@DrS94: I think it’s a good day to reflect over the past year and look ahead for the future

@rachelroarsyou: Ppl celebrate their achievements & failures,they’ve endured 1 more year of life’s challenges. Otherwise,it’s just another day

@vsashi01: its important cause u know what to do and what not to do in the upcoming year after going through that one year…

@thetempremental: It is just another normal day, although it’s up to individuals if they wanna celebrate it.

@Fahmy93: People regard the new year too highly, hoping it will change things, when in fact, you could do that any other day.

@klmu: NYE is plainly just another day. How you fulfil your day is most important. Carpe diem!

@leeynesh_argent: Maybe it’s important. A day to think what happen the year before and welcoming the brand new year by praying or wishing good.


Speaking of New Year’s Eve party, we also had some advice from partygoers on what to do and not to do while having fun.

@thetempremental: Don’t drink and drive and make sure you bring a towel to wipe those sweat away.

@Nashman: if you are a teenager below 18 you are not supposed to party! #NYEparty

@fabymaby: they should learn that harassing people with snow spray at a street party is NOT okay.

@UntoldHero: try not to have too much fun until you break stuff

@tansuann: don’t drink and drive, don’t simply spray those nasty stuff at random people

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