LAST Friday’s #RAGEchat session garnered quite a lot of response from our dear followers, thanks to ONE “controversial” question: What do you have to say about the comparisons made between The Hunger Games and Twilight?

As soon as we tweeted that out, we got a barrage of replies from followers, many of whom are The Hunger Games fans, and Twilight, er, “haters”. Check out what some of them had to say:

@sattyashankary: THG teaches us about the world outside and how girls are strong enough to stand on their own. Twilight? Pfft. Nothing there.

@mellvynm: u compare THG and Twilight, WHAI?! I love both, and dem comparing thg n twi makes twi even more relevant in pop culture.

@OneMoreSwift: My Twitter friends are completely obsessed with THG, and I watched the trailer. Is there such thing as Oscars for trailers?

@Marcuse_94: Just bought the book today with my 1Malaysia Book Voucher!!! XP Reading it right now… So far, the book is pretty good.. Hehe!!! XP

@drnizamuddin: The reason why twilight is hated is not bcoz of twilight per se. The fanatics is the main reason why

@Shuli_tutti: I think that THG is easier to understand. I had to read the book to understand twilight O.O

@anneliyana: Twilight Saga movies would be better if Stephanie herself adapted the script. the books were actually okay, really.

@adrienneyong: Twilight are about non existent people and THG could actually happen! #THGForever #ragegames

@tiffanykhoo: Twilight is alright, really. There’s so much hate because the Twihards are rabid & it’s cool to hate Twilight.

@carmensakura07: The thing about THG is that it makes you think about so many things. And it makes you question. It changes your perspective

@chloe_cinnamonn: HG definitely makes you think more than Twilight, it’s just incredibly moving, shows the real world, and is real .

@NathalieTXL: What people do is take the romance bits and compare them, but that’s about it.

@mingisms: I think it’s overrated. With all the hype that it’s getting, you’d really expect the writing to be better.

@shoesrgreatrite: Hungergames is about survival and fighting for your believes. Twilight is sparkly vampire stalking emo girl. Nuff said

@ratiorae: 1. Jennifer Lawrence (OSCAR nominee!) is talented. Kristen Stewart has only ONE facial expression.

@YiPeng22: THG is hands down better than Twilight. No comparison needed. THG was a page turner whereas Twilight was…dull and flat.

@anneliyana: THG actually gives us more important issues like politics – to ponder about than Twilight, y’know? It’s good literature. =)

@MeganChng: THG brings a lot of “adult” themes into a digestible “kid-friendly” format. Power, corruption, class disparity, among others.

@lightninglovee: why would i wanna compare the most poo-ey book in the world with something as wonderful as the hunger games? its pointless.

@iarrod: @far_shb i renamed twilight as the sparkly vegetarian fairies series. i haz no idea why it’s such a phenomenon…

@rachealleong: Seriously? HG is about fighting for survival while Twilight is about a girl who has to choose between a vampire and a werewolf

@far_shb: any comparison should be blasphemy. thg is pure epicness. twilight is all about sparkly vampires. SPARKLY. VAMPIRES.

@currynana: for one, nobody sparkles n beremo 24/7.

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