Last week’s tag: #MyGenerasi Our cover story last Friday was all about My Generasi – the hit YouTube video that got a million views in just four days – and YouTubers, the hobbyists who produce videos like My Generasi for the Internet.

So for #RAGEchat that day, we had some of Malaysia’s most popular YouTubers join us – @JinnyBoy (the main man behind My Generasi), @Dan_Khoo, @TheMingFeed and @GRIMFILM answered questions from our Tweeples and gave some insight into how they produce their videos.

But first, as usual, we got some feedback from you guys, on what you thought about My Generasi, television and the Internet, and what your generation was like growing up: >> Response to My Generasi was literally 100% positive among our Tweeples – everybody seemed to love how it brought back memories of their schooling years:

@reflywonder: #MyGenerasi sure does bring back memories of the good old days of house phones and lego bricks.

@lascoaxx: Even those pemadam with the country flags brings back memories!

@florinadaumin: Actually most kids in Sabah still living like #MyGenerasi. They do not have computer and still play batu seremban with friends. But they are not missing anything because they are living life. #MyGenerasi rocks!

@artfromkend: [in reply to @florinadaumin] Luv n miss it too because I am from Sabah too, my cousins still playing marbles rather than plyn Angry Birds

@AcahMadinah: I loved it! Had a nice stroll down memory lane & felt so nostalgic, I really wished I had a Time-Turner! Kudos to @JinnyBoy 🙂

@JayAnilSS: Reminds me of My primary school days. Man, those were good times. All teary inside. Such a good short. Captured our childhood >>

It was then time to ask our guest YouTubers a few questions, which they were kind enough to oblige. In response to a question from @kakayy about where they get their inspiration from, @JaredLe3 from YouTubers @GRIMFILM replied: “For me, it could be anything. Latest one was from looking a pond. lol XD”

@Dan_Khoo from Dan Khoo Productions then added: “pond! haha. one of mine was just sitting at a table in taylors! XD”

They also gave out some advice for the budding YouTubers who had joined the #RAGEchat: @JaredLe3: Just do what you love doing 🙂 Youtube views does not show how good you are in film making 😀 @JinnyBoy: a good story will capture the world, Malaysian viewers will be the ones prompting

We also decided to do a quick survey among our Tweeples – Considering the popularity of YouTube videos now, do they spend more time watching TV or surfing the Internet? Guess what?

Only ONE person said “watching TV”: @ameboid: I stopped watching TV 4 years ago…all because of the Internet. 😛

@Shushasha: surfing the net. As we grow old, lesser time spent on TV actually.

@yiminggg: I don’t even own a TV. How you like them apples.

@themingfeed: ahah! well i stopped watching TV years ago. that one person has to join us sooner or later. its fate :p haha!

@nnurfaatihah: both.i always surf the net WHILE watching tele,especially during commercials 😀

@arcturus_mengsk: Interwebs FTW. YouTube gives me all ma entertainment. Cable TV is steadily fading into oblivion — Compiled by Ian Yee

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