We’re always on the lookout for talented young people to add to our award-winning team.

If you’re interested, email your CV and portfolio to us at

Here are some of the roles we’re always on the lookout for: 


R.AGE Deputy Editor (URGENT: Needed by Dec 1, 2016)

Job description

You’ll help the R.AGE Editor manage our team of journalists to produce stories/written content for our weekly print section (read by over 1,000,000 people every week), our website, and social media.

You’ll also help develop our editorial strategies, and work with a team of amazing young journalists to execute that direction.

Requirements: Five years’ experience as a journalist. Some experience heading an editorial team wouldn’t hurt.

Email for more info


R.AGE Producer

We need a multimedia journalist who knows how to speak to the internet generation. You’ll need to write killer scripts, know your way around a video camera, and understand social media platforms. You’ll be working closely with the Senior Producer to come up with clever video ideas, help schedule resources, and keep our production line of awesome content humming along nicely.

Requirements: Minimum 3 years in video production and fluent in English.

Email for more info.

R.AGE Video Journalist

Job description

A journalist who can, well, do video. But we don’t want someone who’s just nifty with a camera — he or she needs to know how to find a good story, and tell it with purpose.

We wanna add at least two video journalists to our team. The more the merrier.

Requirements: Two years’ experience in video production, preferably with some experience in journalism. And yes, making documentaries counts as “experience in journalism”.

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R.AGE Video Editor / Animator

Job description

Our journalists will be handling some pretty complex issues — the Video Editor / Animator’s job is to help them explain those issues through clever editing and motion graphic design.

You’ll work with our journalists to develop storyboards and visuals for their stories. We’ll be mostly doing shortform online videos.

Again, the more the merrier. We’re looking for two of you.

Requirements: Two years’ experience in video editing and/or motion graphic design.

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R.AGE Chief Reporter

Job description

We’re looking for an experienced journalist who can take on hard-hitting news feature stories without batting an eyelid, but is still young enough (well, young at heart, at least) to bring something fresh to the table with each story.

You’ll also be working closely with the R.AGE Editor and Deputy Editor to manage the rest of our writers and develop our editorial direction.

Requirements: Damn good writing, and five years’ experience as a journalist. Has to be down with the social media.

Email for more info



Why join R.AGE?

– Your work will be seen by a huge audience. We’re talking millions of people every month. It’s a great platform for you to make a positive impact.

– You’ll meet amazing people — from international celebrities to inspiring social activists — AND get to tell their stories.

– Awesome benefits. We’re sure you’ve heard about our bonus structure here at The Star…

– Wonderful colleagues — if we don’t say so ourselves….

– You’ll get to travel and experience things that money can’t buy. #TheJournalistLife

– We’re always coming up with new ideas and projects, so you won’t ever get bored.

Most important, your work can make a huge difference. That’s what we always strive to do here at R.AGE.

  • Ruth Tan

    May I inquire what is a CV?

    • It’s like a resume, where you tell us about yourself, your education background and your career achievements so far =)

  • Emily

    Hello! Are you looking for interns? If so, are SPM graduates eligible?

  • Ida

    May I know regarding internship opportunities? If there are any 🙂

  • Guna Vilakshini Haredausche

    Are SPM graduates eligible?

  • CSY

    Most of the jobs require journalism/videography experience. How flexible are you guys around that? I mean, I can write, but have not done it professionally. I know the basics of shooting a video and scripting.

  • Faqihah Ros

    I wanted to join BRATs. But I just realized that it’s for 16-19 years old and I’m currently 20. Does R.AGE can provide a platform for me to improve or experience any journalism works?I barely have any previous experience in journalism or writing. And, I figure that this page is set up for job’s recruitment and I haven’t finished my study yet to start having a job

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