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Some time ago, I wrote about an all-new version of Risk, named Risk Legacy. (Check out’s full review here, for the full download on what it is.)


Well, lo and behold, the game is now in stock, in better places such as Boardgame Depot, in Bangsar. If you’re keen on a set, it’s going for RM200.


This version of Risk is unique in a sense that you can permanently alter parts of the game, depending on game outcomes. For example, you can get rid of certain components, such as game cards, and even alter parts of the map, forever!


The victors get most say of course, meaning, the biggest winners can make the more impactful decisions and changes to the game components and even rules. These “edits” are locked in, so each box is quite literally most unique!


If you’re looking to own a copy, check out Boardgame Depot’s Facebook page for more info.


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