There is always a new batch of gossip from the Hollywood mills and this week is no different.

New arm candy

Jennifer Aniston is rumoured to have a boyfriend and she is rarely seen without him by her side. So who is this lucky guy? Well, it’s none other than actor Justin Theroux, her co-star in the movie Wanderlust.
The couple apparently hit things off immediately and have been spotted around acting all “in love”. Unfortunately, neither of them has yet to confirm anything and you know what Jen is like – she doesn’t say anything until it is for real.

Sharm says: He’s no Brad Pitt, but oh well, as long as she’s happy.
Lively snubbed

People are saying that Reese Witherspoon’s acceptance speech at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards on Monday was directed at Gossip Girl Blake Lively. The actress who got on stage to accept the Generation Award said: “When I came up in this business, when you made a sex tape you were embarrassed and you hid it under your bed.

“If you take naked pictures of yourself on your cellphone, you hide your face.”

Blake, who was in the audience, is caught in a nude-pic scandal and was seen looking embarrassed as Academy Award-winner Reese gave her speech. Blake has nevertheless denied that the naked cellphone pictures are of her.

Sharm says: Listen to what Reese said people. Better yet, don’t do it.
Third time’s the charm?

Is that a huge engagement ring on Britney Spears’ finger? Did her boyfriend Jason Trawick finally pop the question? Well, these are just some of the questions the paparazzi have been asking as the pop princess was seen with a huge sparkler on her ring finger.

If Britney does get married, it would be her third. Her first marriage lasted no longer than 55 hours and the second one lasted for over a year.

Sharm says: Jason seems like a really nice guy. I like him.
Will the real judge please stand up?

Okay, is Cheryl Cole a judge on the X-Factor show or not? First, the ex-Girls Aloud singer was roped in to sit on the talent show’s panel of judges but then was booted out even before the show aired.

Rumour has it that her heavy accent got in the way and producers were worried that the contestants and audience wouldn’t be able to understand anything she said. She was replaced with the Pussycat Dolls’ Nicole Scherzinger, who was earlier set to host the show.

Simon Cowell (also the producer and judge) then allegedly threw a tantrum, demanding that Cheryl is put back on the judging table and that he wouldn’t continue the show without her. So Cheryl is rumoured to be back on track with X-Factor.

Sharm says: If people can understand what Paula Abdul is saying, then I’m sure they’d be able to catch what Cheryl is saying too.
Cry her a river

Justin Timberlake is reportedly pining for Jessica Biel’s love and he’s not hiding the fact at all.

In a recent interview with a magazine the singer stated that Jessica is still the most significant person in his life and that statement has caused a stir among celeb watchers.

Justin was said to have had a fling with his Friends With Benefits co-star Mila Kunis while Jessica was said to have gone out with her A-Team co-star Bradley Cooper.

Though Bradley now is mostly seen around his new co-star actress Olivia Wilde. So, will Jessica take Justin back?

Sharm says: I don’t know why, but I’ve always preferred Justin with Cameron Diaz.

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