In line with the slew of “Black Friday” or Thanksgiving Friday sales happening now, Fantasy Flight Games is joining the mayhem by offering up massive discounts over some of its game titles, all at their website!


Juicy deals include markdowns on boardgames and role-playing games such as Chaos Marauders, Black Gold, Isla Dorada, Age of Conan and more! Unfortunately Horus Heresy is already sold out, a mere 24 hours after the sale began – tough!


Note while the sale seems rather excellent on the surface, the shipping costs to Malaysia can be a massive bummer. I tried to put Age of Conan and Ventura into the shopping cart, and the shipping costs was a whopping US$79, with the games costing only US$45!


But, there is still some discount at the end of the day. Why not check it out, after seeing what your friendly local retailers can offer you in terms of discounts?


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