Kuala Lumpur was invaded by a mass of people donning the sarong in every creative manner last weekend, in a movement called Keretapi Sarong.

The flashmob, organised by Random Alphabets, started at the KL Sentral train station and saw about 500 people from all walks of life joining in. Everyone sang and danced to live music with some playing the guitar, ukulele, djembe and maracas, much to the amusement of the passengers on board the train.

Some passengers can’t help but snap pictures of the sarong-clad flashmobbers. “I thought they were a bunch of actors,” said Oscar Sim, 24, from Sarawak. Meanwhile, Zhen Sin and Ooi Weng Hooi from Kedah thought it was a game or a sarong promotion.

Sarong-clad participants at the Keretapi Sarong event

“Keretapi Sarong is just a gimmick to get people together to have fun,” said Zain H.D, 28, founder of Random Alphabets. “Anyone and everyone can participate, no registration fee required, just show up in your sarong.”

Funnily enough, a few Rapid KL staff members were also seen wearing their sarong in support of the event.

Vojtech, a 20-year-old youth from Slovakia joined the No Pants Subway flashmob in his home country once and thinks that the Keretapi Sarong is equally fun. “It’s my first time wearing the sarong,” he said.

Meanwhile, Farah Syahidah, 23, had a special message written on her piece of paper: “My leg is broken, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing a sarong.”

For Ridzwan Razali, Keretapi Sarong made him feel like a “super star” as many people were taking pictures of him in his attire. It was his second time wearing a sarong in public. He said that he thinks the event is a good way to break down barriers, and that it teaches Malaysians to be more open and tolerant.

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