Local WoW TCG (World of Warcraft TCG) fans take note: the latest and much-talked about expansion, Worldbreaker…

should be in a select number of local gamestores shortly after the Chinese New Year holidays.

Some might ask, is the game even still alive? Yes, Upper Deck Entertainment did lose the franchise but Cryptozoic has taken it over and picked up from where it left off.

Worldbreaker is the first set of the new block, of the same name. Cryptozoic has done a fair bit in recent months to rekindle interest in the game, which has no doubt slacked off, especially in countries such as Malaysia.

Comics Corner for example stopped bringing in expansions since Upper Deck pulled out, and only a few shops still take in stocks.

But no matter: yours truly and my band of cardboard connoisseurs have ventured back into WoW TCG, no thanks to the impressive new Cryptozoic designs as well as the overall lack-of-awesomeness of the Mirrodin block.

So it warms the heart of this cardboard adventurer that the Worldbreaker Epic Collection sets are coming in, within the second half of February.

What’s in an Epic collection? For around RM110, you get six Worldbreaker booster packs, 1 Worldbreaker playmat, 1 deckbox, a collectible storage box with class dividers, 1 Landro’s Lil’ XT Loot card, a Worldbreaker visual pocket guide and 5 random Worldbreaker foil hero cards.

Check out for more information – the Worldbreaker product section has a page here ( Need to look through what cards are in the set? The WoW TCG Database has them – in fact – all of the cards are available, at

I’m rubbing my hands in glee anticipating this product: I’m thinking, it’s perfect for sealed deck, all by itself! Speaking of WoW TCG sealed deck, here’s a article you will find useful, on that.

In an article titled “Defender of a Limited World: Class Matters” (, the author “Dbodimer” explains the top common picks for each class. It’s an awesome primer for anyone looking to do some sealed deck or draft with Worldbreaker. Read it, now!

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