WHILE Abudi and his friends were showing some stunt during the photoshoot, they (as well as the photographer and I) were scolded by the security guards for climbing the walls at a park in Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur.

Abudi, with poise, just calmly said: “Bang, sekejap saje. Shoot last ni.” (Brother, it’s only for a while. It’s the last shoot.)

And to my surprise, the guard just nodded his head and walked away without making anymore fuss.

I guess the parkour practitioners have been dealing with security personnel often enough to know just the right way to handle them.

“The one I remember the most was at KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre) park, which is a good training ground but the guards shooed us away because they didn’t know about parkour and they thought it’s dangerous,” said Abudi, of his most memorable experience of being chased away from a location.


Practising parkour is not illegal in Malaysia but Abudi believes that they were chased from the park due to people’s ignorance of the sport. “When they see something unusual, they think it is weird and just ask us to go away,” he said.

However, the Alpha Movements boys have found the perfect place to practise and have even dubbed it as a haven for the parkour enthusiasts.

“It’s Putrajaya,” said Abudi.

They were involved in the launch of Dataran Gemilang in Putrajaya and have been running freely around the area without any boundaries.

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