Emma Roberts is such a sweetheart. She may not be Hollywood’s ‘it’ girl yet, but with her positive attitude and work ethics, she may very well get the title soon.

In a recent interview with Nylon magazine (for which she poses on the cover with Rory Culkin), Emma gives an insight of her life as a former Nickelodeon kid.

“I loved that part of my life. A lot of people that were on Disney or Nickelodeon bash it afterwards. And I just think, That’s what got you your start! And also, from my experience, it was so fun.”

What a gorgeous smile..

What a gorgeous smile..

Emma, whose latest movie Scream 4 is out in the cinemas, believes that it was those years as a Nickeloedon kid that help her transtition to who she is today.

“It was the calm before the storm… if you make the transition [as an actor] in the same way that you’re transitioning in real life, you’ll be fine. It’s when you’re 16 and you’re trying to play a 20-year-old hitchhiking stripper that people are gonna give you a hard time.”

While Emma is okay with being reminded of her days as a child actor, Hilary Duff on the other hand prefers not to be associated with it. At least when it comes to her hair color.

The actress/singer who recently dyed her hair blonde, told People:  “I was like ‘I’m bored and I like wanted to dye my hair really really blonde,’ and then I got scared — and then it turned out really blonde.”

Back to her Lizzie days..

Back to her Lizzie days..

And one person noticed that it was way too similar to her Disney days.

“I haven’t been this blonde and my sister’s like calling me Lizzie [McGuire] which is so funny,” said Hilary.

“I’m like, ‘No please don’t call me that!’ [But] it might just be that I feel like I’m really blonde because I haven’t been in so long.”

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