Now the dust has settled over the release of Magic: the Gathering’s Scars of Mirrodin, I’m sure many of you have kept tabs on the numerous new decks that have popped up of late.

Yes it’s a brand-new Standard, and looks like there are enough surprises (or not?) in the scene, which would be refreshing for the new and old players alike.

Let’s see: Wurmcoil Engine is making enough of an appearance (yeah, big surprise there) in some of the top decks, while the “tanks” of the new set, the three planeswalkers (Koth, the new Elspeth and Venser) are making enough of a point to justify their primo pricetags.

The new rare lands are seeing some play as well, while other cards that have chalked up appearances in tournament-winning decks include Tunnel Ignus (shuts down the Ramp decks), Molten-Tail Masticore (an able finisher by itself) and Spikeshot Elder (combo this with a Darksteel Axe for extra fun).

All in all, the new decks don’t look too different, except maybe for the new breed of control decks, but it does look like the state of Standard play is a finely-balanced affair. Or is it…

For some recent awesome decklists, check out, who did an analysis of top finishers here, as well as, who have almost daily roundups on what some of the weekly tournament winners are playing.

Those lists might come in handy as the Malaysian Super Cup, organized by Comics Corner, is around the corner.

On Halloween, errr October 31, Comics Corner Tournament Center II at 38A, First Floor, Jalan SS15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, will be paying out cash prizes to the top 16 finishers in a Standard format Magic tournament.

The first placed duelist will take home RM2,000 in cold hard cash, as well as a trophy for bragging rights. Runners up will take home RM600, an amount that’s still nothing to sneeze at. Even if you do finish in the last 16 (ninth to 16th that is), you will earn RM100 (hey that’s still some money there).

In order to qualify for the October 31 finals (hey you need to, else everyone will just show up), there’s a series of trials going on in various TCG and game shops around the Klang Valley.

The last chance qualifiers will be on October 30, same venue, in case you miss the October 24 one.

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