Girl talk

By SHARMILA NAIR YES, the #royalbaby is here and the whole world is going crazy over the latest addition to the British royal family. Anyway, royal baby or not, nothing is going to stop the celebrities from clamouring for their spot in the limelight and here’s what some of the famous ladies have been […]

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More celeb news

By SHARMILA NAIR WHAT would our lives be without some crazy celebrity news? Pretty boring. Well it’s a good thing then that the folks over at Hollywood have been busy giving us plenty of things to talk about this time around. Here’s a roundup on what’s been going on in Tinseltown recently. A new […]

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Virtual bystanders

By IAN YEE THE reaction on Twitter to Amanda Bynes’ all-too-familiar child star meltdown was as expected – lots of clever remarks, insults and, from her few remaining fans, counter-insults. Having just gone through a whole lot of research on the diffusion of responsibility theory (aka the “bystander effect”) for our cover story last […]

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Out to pasture

FOR those who have been crying over Amanda Bynes’ premature retirement from the entertainment industry, get over it already.

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