YES, the #royalbaby is here and the whole world is going crazy over the latest addition to the British royal family.

Anyway, royal baby or not, nothing is going to stop the celebrities from clamouring for their spot in the limelight and here’s what some of the famous ladies have been up to …

Legally drinking

Justin Bieber who? Selena Gomez’ friends made sure that the singer had a blast during her 21st birthday and nothing or no one (that would be ex-bf Bieber) would come in the way of the special celebration.

However, judging from the way Gomez downed shots while surrounded by her close friends and family at the Bagatelle restaurant in Los Angeles, it could be safely said that Bieber was the last thing on her mind and that her friends didn’t need to worry about the ex-boyfriend spoiling the fiesta.

Gomez, accompanied by her mother and step-father, was spotted popping bottles of champagne to celebrate her special day and was even spotted dancing on the bar.

She later posted a picture on Instagram of her birthday celebration, saying: “Thank you to @bagatellela for an amazing bday!!!! It’s a birthday WEEK! #werk #becauseIcan”

Also present at the birthday bash was Gomez’ Spring Breakers co-star Ashley Benson.

Sharm says: How much do you want to bet that Selena will get back with Justin? I’m already annoyed at the possibility of it happening soon.

She’s still singing

Someone forgot to tell Paris Hilton that she’s not a singer and because they failed to do that, she is back working on her latest album.

Hilton has been hard at work shooting her new music video and is confident that it will be “amazing”.

She said on Twitter: “My music video shoot is going amazing! So excited with how it’s turning out! Can’t wait to show you guys! #YES! #GoodTime (sic)”

The 32-year-old socialite is releasing the house music album, titled Good Time, later this year and is working with director Hannah Lux David for her upcoming video.

The singer (really?) recorded a single with Lil’ Wayne and has also confirmed a collaboration with Snoop Lion.

Sharm says: Who buys her album? Seriously, why would anyone want to do that?

One broke gal

Amanda Bynes is out of money. The actress returned to Los Angeles because she couldn’t find a place to live in New York City.

She is being held under an involuntary psychiatric hold in hospital for mental evaluation after the actress was arrested for starting a fire in a stranger’s driveway.

A source claimed that, “No one would rent an apartment to her. She does own a house in Calabasas (California). It’s unclear how she got to California from New York.”

Bynes parents are in the midst of securing a conservatorship over their daughter which would give them legal control of the actress until she gets her life back in shape.

Sharm says: I thought Britney and LiLo’s breakdowns were bad … but this is really taking “crazy” to a whole new level.

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