Trout pout cheat sheet

Our columnist, YouTube beauty guru Emily Quak shares the surgery-free method to getting Kylie Jenner’s inflated lips.

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Beauty tips

By NASA MARIA ENTABAN EVERYONE has that one make-up trick we’d love to try out but just haven’t yet because we’re not sure if we can pull it off. It’s not just carrying the look that’s the challenge. For many, the application of it can also be a problem. Common make-up issues like smudged […]

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Wax on

OVER the years, many of my friends and I have begun to slowly add on to our beauty regimes.

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Getting some face time

Just like tons of guys out there, the reason why I’ve never had a facial before is because I’ve just never had the need for one.

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Fashion, beauty and modelling

How awesome is it that just days before our new blogs are set to debut, I am involved in a Fashion show? Now how’s that for a bangin’ first post.

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