EVERYONE has that one make-up trick we’d love to try out but just haven’t yet because we’re not sure if we can pull it off.

It’s not just carrying the look that’s the challenge. For many, the application of it can also be a problem.

Common make-up issues like smudged lipstick, uneven eyeliner and “mascara goops” can be embarrassing, and it all boils down to proper application and careful upkeep throughout the day.

There are so many hot looks out there that are worth trying out and most of them are classics that are worth learning as they’ll be around for decades to come.

We’ve narrowed it down to a few must-try looks and here they are:

Bright red lips

This is a tricky one, as the slightest smudge can ruin the look, and it’s not a one-step process.

While it’s true that anyone can work this look, first of all you have to find a red that matches your skin tone. This involves a lot of trial and error, unfortunately, and plenty of research to determine which brand and shade are just right for your skin tone.

Before application, you must first exfoliate (mix a spoonful of water and sugar and rub on your lips in a circular motion) and then slab on some lip balm for hydration.

Achieving red lips like Rihanna will take some practice.

Apply a lip liner that matches your red lipstick and you’re set. To make sure none of the lipstick gets on your teeth use the “finger” trick – put your index finger into your mouth and pull it out to remove any lipstick on your inner lip.

This look is high maintenance, so you have no choice but to keep checking and re-applying your lipstick every few hours.

Black eyeliner

I went through more than 10 different eyeliner brands in various forms – pencil, liquid and gel before I found the perfect one.

This is an absolute must-try look and it’s so easy to achieve with enough practice. Heaps of celebrities like singer Beth Ditto adore this look and wear it often.

Beth Ditto loves her black eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner can be the easiest to apply but sometimes the colour doesn’t come out as dark as it should. Practice liquid eyeliner on bare eyelids and rest your elbows on a counter top for steadier hands.

It may help to line in sections (inner eye, mid-lid and outer lid) and to connect these sections after. The good thing about eyeliner is if you screw up, you can always cover up the mistake by adding on a layer.

Full lashes

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be born with luscious Elizabeth Taylor-type lashes, so most of us have to make do with mascara and eyelash curlers.

These are the easier ways out to achieve longer lashes but another hot trend right now is wearing fake lashes.

False lashes are a hot trend right now.

Of course, it’s not practical to struggle with “falsies” every single day (although I actually do know some women who do!) so it’s okay to save them for special occasions.

The first thing you need to do is measure the lash strip against your eyelid and cut it if it’s too long.

Before sticking your falsies on, curl your real lashes with an eyelash curler, and then apply lash glue to the lash strip before pressing them on as close to your lash roots as possible (the strip goes above your real lashes). Use a cotton swab to apply extra glue where needed, and remember to apply mascara only after you’ve put your falsies on, as this will then merge your real lashes with the fake ones.

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