Fall trends

By NASA MARIA ENTABAN ONCE again the seasons have changed in trend-setting countries, and with Fall/Winter comes some brand new trends. Many old trends have been given new and creative twists, and designers are introducing plenty of fresh looks that local fashion lovers will be thrilled to try out. Let’s take a look at […]

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Body (un)conscious

By NASA MARIA ENTABAN EVERY woman, at some point in her life, experiences body image issues. Whether it’s obsessing over our weight, height, skin or the way our hair looks, let’s face it – we all have our hang-ups, and sometimes they last for ages. It took Lorraine Kwek years to feel comfortable with […]

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Beauty tips

By NASA MARIA ENTABAN EVERYONE has that one make-up trick we’d love to try out but just haven’t yet because we’re not sure if we can pull it off. It’s not just carrying the look that’s the challenge. For many, the application of it can also be a problem. Common make-up issues like smudged […]

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Red carpet fixes

THE Emmy Awards came and went earlier this week, and I spent a good few hours going through pictures of celebrities for my blog. As usual, everyone, from the child stars on Modern Family to the judges on reality shows, looked perfect that day. Not a hair was out of place, there were no signs […]

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Garnier contest

WE’VE all been there – that moment when you look in the mirror and spot the ugliest zit EVER mockingly staring right back at you, determined to spoil your day. Perhaps it was the day of an important interview, or the day you were supposed to sit for yearbook photos, or a wedding and you […]

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Do-it-yourself beauty

EVERY girl has a shelf of beauty and hair products that she replenishes regularly. There are, of course, some basic products that you need in order to maintain healthy-looking skin like facial wash, a scrub to use once a week, toner and moisturiser. Then there are all kinds of hair products that you can buy […]

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