EARLIER in the week, pop star Miley Cyrus and actor Liam Hemsworth announced their engagement, sparking plenty of debate over whether they were too young to take this life-changing step.

At 19, former Hannah Montana star Miley is the younger of the two. But at 22, actor Liam, who also happens to be the younger brother of Chris Hemsworth (Thor from The Avengers), isn’t much older.

The two met in 2009 as co-stars on the set of The Last Song, and have already broken up and gotten back together a few times since.

No surprise then, that news of their engagement was met with skepticism, with many doubting that the engagement will last. Here’s what our Tweeples thought:

@kimberlaaayyy: They’re such a cute couple! but then again, too young!! She’s only 19 and practically still a teenager…

@MaeSzeNg: 19 and 22? Too darn young. Dont think they’ll last long. Hollywood couples never last. #teamnofairytale here!

@nicolebohyie: too young! is she even ready for a family??? i wonder who will last longer? her or kim kardashian? 😛

@Ling_93: I m the same age as Miley, so it’s weird seeing her getting engaged. But Miley is Miley, if she is happy, let her be. 🙂

@shingmakescents: Stars or not, we should respect their decision. It’s not up to us to judge.

@syabirawr: But hey Courtney Stodden got hitched at 16 😛 hahaha

@SyalinDirection: So many people are saying Miley’s too young and bla bla but I don’t see anyone talking bout Liam. one-sided! At least they’re making a statement it’s ok to settle down early once you find your someone. better than living in sin 😉

@cuda_fuad: This engagement will help em know each other very well. So, if it doesnt work, it means they arent meant to be together. Wait n c.

@efwanna: we should pray for their happiness. keep it +ve guys. we too don’t want people to get -ve about our love life right?

@BellaEnveeus: age is just a number.if u have a mature mindset,u can handle marriage at 19.if not,u cant even succeed at it when ure 90..

@nanastorms: To young but she deserves to be happy. You never know, they may actually work out. Stranger things have happened.

@blushpal: personally i wish they would wait a few yrs or so. We all know how fragile Hollywood marriages are …:S

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