It’s your move

BOARD games have taken over Malaysia, tile by nerd-crafted tile, and R.AGE is getting into the heart of it. If your impression of board games is a brain-draining sequence of dice rolling, pawn moving, groaning and/or cheering, then it’s time to get a reality check. European board games have been making a comeback in the […]

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Of spandex, tights and catsuits

By CHEE YIH YANG AS I grow older, the lure of trading card games (TCGs) and boardgames that clock longer than one hour (I’m talking “official” play times that game companies quote, so actual set up and gameplay is closer to two hours), has all but vanished. However, gone are the days when I […]

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Playing spot

By CHEE YIH YANG   ONE of the questions that my group of boardgamer friends grapple with constantly is, “Where shall we play?” We’ve got a very accommodative venue at a local kopitiam in a neighbourhood mall, but after nearly a year playing and eating there, the items on the menu are getting a […]

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Board game benefits

 By CHEE YIH YANG I am sure I’m not the only person who wonders how long more will board games, trading card games (TCGs), living card games (LCGs) and their ilk be around. With attention spans becoming shorter and shorter, and the greater acculturation of all things digital, will they still be popular in […]

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Harnessing the virtual world

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are hugely popular, but blogs still have their place.

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