New place to play boardgames in Cheras

Those who are familiar with the boardgames group would know that they used to rotate around the Cheras area, with the focus on a certain branch of a very famous kopitiam franchise most Friday nights. Well, the good news is now they have a permanent home! Called OTK Cheras (OTK standing for Old Town […]

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Dragons in

Looks like the latest Talisman expansion, the Dragon expansion, is shipping internationally!   No word yet on when it’ll reach us, but man do the contents look sweet.   Check out the three new Draconic Lords, Varthrax, Cadorus, and Grilipus, and the new miniatures. Oooh, really nice. The new dual-sided Inner Region makes a nice […]

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More horrors in this Mansion

How do you tell if October or Halloween’s around the corner? For starters, the plethora of horror/suspense-themed shows, movies and games is one tell-tale sign.

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Let's go to Castle Ravenloft

Fancy your chances in taking on a vampire lord in his stately home?

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This boardgame might be hazardous for your health

Ever wondered if games were be able to influence our daily lives. I’m not just talking about boardgames that make you brainier (Scrabble for instance) or sharper (Settlers of Catan), but what if you played a game, and your very life depended on it?

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Boardgames that your family & friends will dig

Today I’ll give a little intro on what the world’s most popular specialist boardgames are. These games are popularly referred to as “German-style boardgames” or “Eurogames.”

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