Fancy your chances in taking on a vampire lord in his stately home?

Well, don’t worry, you’ll get some friendly company in Castle Ravenloft Dungeons & Dragons Boardgame, as the game is of the cooperative type. This means that you and your friends will work together to defeat the evil denizens within the depths of Castle Ravenloft.

This Wizards of the Coast title will debut at GenCon 2010 (that’s next week), and looks like an exciting party game for the nerds and wannabes.

The miniatures remind me of the classic D&D Miniatures CMG (which has sadly breathed its last) while the stat cards and components seem to hold up to Wizards’ usually decent standards.

Well, I know what I’ll be doing this coming Halloween – more info on this game as the release date nears.

In the meantime, check out’s entry for more previews, articles, discussions and spoilers.

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