Showing ’em

By KEVIN TAN     It’s pretty obvious that Emma Louise Liang, 23, doesn’t like talking about secondary school. The usually bubbly model/singer’s face immediately turns sombre at the mention of it. For her, secondary school was a period of isolation and constant bullying, brought about simply because of her mixed-parentage and weight issues. […]

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Bullies at work

By KEVIN TAN IF you think bullying is something that only happens when you’re in school, you’re deluded. From verbally abusive bosses to sexually inappropriate colleagues, bullying is something that we could have to face up to throughout our working lives. While workplace bullying might be a grey area at times (is it bullying […]

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Stop bullying!

Three weeks ago, 14-year-old student K. Saravanan was beaten to death at a bus stop by a group of Form Two students, simply because he walked funny. In August, Mohd Ridwan Radin, 14, had to have his spleen removed after being repeatedly kicked in the stomach by bullies. And last May, a disturbing YouTube video […]

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Last week’s tag: #cyberbully

ONE in three Malaysian children are victims of cyberbullying and according to DiGi CyberSAFE programme, which campaigns against cyberbullying, this occurrence takes place the most on social media. So, last week, we discussed this topic on #RAGEchat and tried to find out if young people are aware of the cyberbullying and its dangers. Here’s how […]

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