ONE in three Malaysian children are victims of cyberbullying and according to DiGi CyberSAFE programme, which campaigns against cyberbullying, this occurrence takes place the most on social media.

So, last week, we discussed this topic on #RAGEchat and tried to find out if young people are aware of the cyberbullying and its dangers. Here’s how our #RAGEchat went down last week:

@thestar_rage: What do you think of cyberbullying?

@Kyp_Lim: define bullying first, I guess. There’s a difference between friendly ribbing and bullying, and some people mix up the two.

@JayAnilSS: It is a pain in the neck for all three parties- Parents, teachers, and the students themselves

@FlapJacqs: Maybe they’re just sad, deprived of attention, keyboard warriors who have nothing to do and want some attention.

@shpy_: cyberbullies are just cowards hiding behind a computer using their insecurities to attack other ppl and no one deserves that!

@thestar_rage: Jokes and pranks can also be considered as cyberbullying. Do you agree?

@JayAnilSS: TO a limit. There is always a limit.

@FlapJacqs: depending on how the jokes or pranks are.

@tiffanykhoo: depends on what the “victim” thinks.

@Yoganes: sometimes when they access other people’s profile and update statuses which they consider as that’s cyberbullying!

@RachieWongie: Yes, some jokes are not funny, and they can really damage one’s self-esteem.

@SaraaaaawrMae: it depends on how severe the ‘joke’ is.

@vinceganvt: Once or twice should be acceptable. But to do it frequently on the same guy, then it’s verging on #cyberbullying.

@ruxyn: very subjective. Well I think we know a person well enough to know the limits.

@Luv_DWayULie: Yes, some of them because they might have gotten too far. From jokes and pranks, they become insults.

@typicallysorwen: Yes! Being made fun of is not funny at all. And it hurts.

@imTheJessicat: It definitely should be a crime. Such unpleasantries online isnt welcome at all!

@thestar_rage: Have you been a victim of cyberbullying and did you get help?

@KahWai: Yeah, but not to me personally just towards the idol group i support. Antis are so ugh-noying.

@ilainabananas: Yeah, used to get a lot of hate on my Formspring account. Made me feel terrible, made me hate myself really.

@ilainabananas: Yeaaaaah. A LOT of harsh words, a lot of insults. Really messes with a person’s self-esteem.

@JessicaGhumbo: Maybe talk abt it? But it will forever be unresolved, haunting you everytime you log on to Facebook.

@whitealyssum: Cyber bullying stems when some people don’t dare to talk about such things to a person’s face. It’s worse when it’s anonymous.

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