Off the eaten track

By CHEW JERN IAN and CHEW JERN KEN Named by TIME magazine as one of the top 10 ideas that will change the world, collaborative consumption is a powerful market trend that fosters a sense of community between consumers in sharing products and services. Co-founded by Audra Pakalnyte and Reda Štare, two enterprising 29-year-old […]

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The end of courtship?

Stories by MELLY LING Remember the good old days of love letters and chasing butterflies in the park, when a guy would spend months courting the girl of his dreams before finally meeting her parents – only to ask their permission to take her out? Well, we sure hope you still can, because it […]

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Magic Online updates

Playing TCGs online may be an alien concept even to the most hardcore card flipping fanatics, but with Wizards of the Coast’s latest announced changes, perhaps some might start changing their minds.   The biggest draw about playing online is the flexibility in getting a game almost anytime, any day, with a human opponent. Chances […]

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Last week’s tag: #cyberbully

ONE in three Malaysian children are victims of cyberbullying and according to DiGi CyberSAFE programme, which campaigns against cyberbullying, this occurrence takes place the most on social media. So, last week, we discussed this topic on #RAGEchat and tried to find out if young people are aware of the cyberbullying and its dangers. Here’s how […]

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R.AGE Online!

Subscribe! On our YouTube channel this week, we have Malaysian drummer Arthur Kam, our Get Personal young personality of the week, performing one of his redonkulous solos exclusively for our cameras. The former child prodigy has performed with the likes of Jackie Cheung, Sadao Watanabe and Keiko Lee, not to mention pretty much everyone […]

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Game demos abound next weekend!

Feel like camping out in a mall, and learning how to play some TCGs (trading card games), boardgames and standalone card games?   Next weekend will see The Star Online’s Carnivale event running at Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya, and yours truly will be kicking up some demos and free frags right there!   I’ll […]

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Free news

IF YOU are a regular reader of the New York Times online, your days of reading its content for free are numbered.

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