WHAT is a freestyle festival you ask? It’s basically a platform for local artists and performers from various urban scenes to showcase their talents and exchange ideas with one another. Freestyle events have become pretty common in countries like Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

Now it’s time Malaysian youth got to experience this popular new street culture. Youth Revelation, Malaysia’s first ever freestyle festival, will be going on for three Saturdays in a row starting October 13.

“It’s a revelation, it’s something that hasn’t been done before. We even engaged the help of experts in the different fields for all these new events,” said Amro Al Khadra, group managing director of Maju Holdings which owns Maju Junction, the main organiser of Youth Revelation.

The festival aims to bring all Malaysians together under one roof for three weekends of fun and exciting activities, which will include workshops, flash mobs and games.

Flashmob preview during the Youth Revelation Freestyle Festival media announcement at Maju Junction Mall.

Those interested in breakdance, BMX and grafitti art can also take part in competitions during the festival.

The Aerosol Warzone grafitti competition will be judged by Katun Rahman Abdullah and Kioue from Super Sunday Street Artists; while the Battle-B breakdance competition will feature performances from Freshkids Crew, one of the most recognised b-boy brands in Malaysia.

“I think this is one of the few times that the corporate entity has sponsored an event of this calibre for the youth. We’re trying to attract the youth to vent their energy in more productive ways, and to be able to contribute to society in a productive manner,” Amro explained.

Amro was speaking during a media announcement at the festival venue, Maju Junction Mall in Kuala Lumpur. A dance mob was held on the busy street outside the shopping centre to promote the event. Also present were Shahrul Reezwan, founder of KayuhBMX, who will be organising a BMX workshop; and Mokhtaza Ahmad, Warner Music Malaysia’s head of A&R.

The flashmob participants promoting Youth Revelation Freestyle Festival.

Mokhtaza congratulated Maju Junction for organising its first youth event, stating that the government has been supporting the youths through many youth-related events.

“With help and support from the media, we believe (the event) would enhance the knowledge of the public,” said Mokhtaza.

Warner Music artistes Awi Rafael and Awanband will be making a special appearance on the last weekend of the festival, along with Max 24:7, dubbed as Malaysia’s first K-pop band.

In an effort to give back to society, the organisers will be working closely with KL Krash Pad, a teen and youth centre in Chow Kit for vulnerable adolescents. Graffiti mood boards will be auctioned off to raise funds for the centre, and the stage will also be open for the members to show off their moves.

Said Amro: “We hope to limit the lepak culture and have the youth become the artists and professionals that they have the potential to be. I think it would be a successful event.

“Our plan is to make it an annual event but we need all the support we can get from the sponsors and the media. We would like to push it through for a long while.”

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