Digital safety first

Digi’s Digital City exhibit at Petrosains aims to educate children and their parents on how to avoid online dangers.

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Learning about grooming

Unicef will be running a series of public town hall events across the country, where parents and teenagers can learn more about child sexual grooming.

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Not a girl gamer

ESports host pindaPanda wants to be known as a gamer, just without the word ‘girl’ affixed to it.

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Grooving to old beats

Thanks to a few passionate young musicians, traditional music is getting a new lease of life.

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Vaping isn’t helping

E-cigarettes, or vapes, have not contributed to a decrease in teenage smoking, says studies.

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Youths powered by U-Report

It’s easy to ignore issues that are unseen, but numbers lend strength to even the most timid voices.

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Adapting to survive

The low average starting pay of fresh graduates, increasing house prices and rising cost of living are issues we at R.AGE have written about quite a bit over the years. It really is nothing new.   So why is it that Gen-Y kids in Malaysia are constantly getting flak for having it too easy? In […]

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Policy matters

By CHRISTINE CHEAH Tan Hooi Choo has been schooling in Singapore since she was seven. Yet when asked “where is home to you?” she replied without hesitation: “Malaysia.” The 20-year-old Johorean is one of many Malaysian students abroad who hold their motherland close to heart and are concerned about the nation’s well-being. “I always […]

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Kickin’ it!

By KEVIN TAN TWO years ago, freestyle football enthusiasts Ariff Karim, 21, and Mohd Zaid, 23, met at a freestyle football event in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. They discovered that they worked well together, fast became friends and even came up with original tricks together. Freestyle football, simply put, is an art of expressing […]

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Nam the man

AS a professional freestyle footballer, Irishman Hoai-Nam Nguyen, 33, has travelled the world performing his amazing repertoire of football tricks and skills. Starting out as a street performer in Dublin over a decade ago, freestyle football was just something “Nam The Man” did because it happened to earn him more money than waiting tables at […]

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