Risking life and limb

Illegal and sometimes fatal, rooftopping has nonetheless struck a chord among the youth – and here’s why.

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Welcome to Generation M

Meet the ‘Mipsterz’, a young, tech-savvy generation of millennial Muslims giving consumerism a halal twist.

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SoftSpace currently only works with Apple products, with models for other platforms in development.

Revolutionising financial services

Financial technology has ‘youth’ written all over it. Here’s how it works.

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Daphne Iking joins fight against child sexual crimes

Daphne Iking hopes to help educate rural communities, especially in her home state of Sabah, about child sexual crimes.

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Child sexual grooming questions raised in Parliament

It has been over a week since the #MPsAgainstPredators campaign was launched to call for new laws against child sexual crimes, but things are already looking very promising.

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Young journalists give investigative journalism new lease of life

Helmed by young, tech-savvy journalists, investigative journalism has received a new lease of life.

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A safer digital world

This weekend, R.AGE, United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) and a few friends will be coming together for what could be a historic event – a townhall to discuss changes to Malaysia’s laws on cyber sexual exploitation

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Handphone iPhone Pedophiles Sex Abuse Malaysia

Campaign for anti-grooming laws

R.AGE and Unicef are coming together to encourage Malaysians to pledge for much-needed anti-grooming laws to protect our children.

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Breaking borders

Fresh from winning their first award in Korea and with their latest song ‘Life’ blasting on local radio, Jumero is setting up for the long run.

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Youths powered by U-Report

It’s easy to ignore issues that are unseen, but numbers lend strength to even the most timid voices.

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