THE COUCH with Wong Fu Productions

Phil and Wes from Wong Fu Productions try some Malaysian food and talk about their first feature-length film.

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Game on!

Malaysian eSports scene is massive. They’re real, they’re growing, and they now draw audiences that rival traditional sporting events.

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Searching for facts on ‘Serawan’

After the report on the mysterious disease plaguing the orang asli in the Royal Belum State Park by R.AGE, the state health department led an investigation into the matter.

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Fiery cook-off with master Chef Rodolphe Onno

Things are heating up in the R.AGE Food Fight, as the five finalists face off for the first time in the world-class kitchens of Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia.

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Chef Wan: Uncensored

How many can say that they’ve met the unedited, 18SX version of Chef Wan? The R.AGE Food Fight finalists got to witness the master himself in action.

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