Moving mountains

A showcase of ordinary individuals who surpassed near-impossible odds.

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The ABCs on STDs

By ANGELIN YEOH IT IS probably hard enough to get young people talking about sex, let alone about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that could come with having unprotected sex. “Young people are most at risk of (contracting) STDs due to their low awareness on the diseases, the lack of prevention as well as biological […]

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What a holy-day!

By JERN KEN Photos by JASON LIOH HOW many of us actually know the extent of religious and cultural diversity in Malaysia? Well, not all of us unfortunately. I was recently involved in Projek Rumah Ibadat Kita-Brickfields, a local campaign which aims to strengthen religious tolerance among Malaysians through arts. The three-month project was […]

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Freestyle fun

By PHYLLIS HO WHAT is a freestyle festival you ask? It’s basically a platform for local artists and performers from various urban scenes to showcase their talents and exchange ideas with one another. Freestyle events have become pretty common in countries like Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Now it’s time Malaysian youth got to experience […]

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Wait for it

According to International Medical University (IMU) associate dean and consultant psychiatrist Professor Dr. Philip George, age clubbing and drinking age restrictions are in place to protect youths from becoming dependent on alcohol later in life. “Teenagers need to learn to deal with stress and life situations without depending on substances like alcohol. If they are […]

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Last week’s tag: #sexEd

YOUNG people are learning about sex – but where are they getting proper information when it comes to the birds and the bees? Are they getting the oh-so-important “talk” from adults such as their parents and teachers or are they turning to other source of information? The Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW) […]

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Making an [i]MPACT

 By TRISTAN TOH You’d have to be living inside a cave for the past few years if you know nothing about Upin & Ipin. This would be the only valid excuse for being clueless about the home-grown animated series that has made waves both locally and abroad. With a box office haul of RM6.3 […]

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Social phone-omenon

Cell-ing out By KEVIN TAN WHENEVER Lim Wei Ze, 18, and his friends from secondary school hang out, they have a simple rule – Disconnect to connect. Tired of their friends constantly tapping away on their smartphones instead of having actual conversations, they instituted the rule a few months ago so that they all […]

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