YOUNG people are learning about sex – but where are they getting proper information when it comes to the birds and the bees?

Are they getting the oh-so-important “talk” from adults such as their parents and teachers or are they turning to other source of information?

The Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW) executive director Sivananthi Thanenthiran believes that sex is an extremely sensitive topic to discuss with adults, which is why most young people turn to their friends and the Internet for information.

We asked these questions and more to our followers during #RAGEchat last week and here are the tweets we received:

@thestar_rage: At what age did you learn about sex and where from?

@dan_khoo: from the popups that came from the internet!
@peacedragonloon: I remember when I was in primary school in standard2 where my friends keep telling me stories about it
@MsZati: from fiction books. Guess I bought them by accident but I was mature enough to understand. Around 13/14 yo.
@spinzer: 11 years old. In my living room. LOL. friend brought his father’s stash of porn and watched it with me in my living room. Our eyes open big big!
@muzieryn: movies during primary school. i had MUCH older siblings. i think they forgot i was MUCH younger.
@sugarvenomm: lol i was 10 and i got a book about puberty and it talked about sex and stuff


@thestar_rage: How many of you got adequate information about sex from your teachers? Were they open to discuss this topic with you?


@Fahmy93: Yes, but it gives you the intro to the genitalia, not what to do with them.
@stpinkie: My teachers in high school assumed that we already have been given “the talk” and didn’t bother to touch much on the subject.
@HaiCatherine: Never! They’re not very open minded when it come to this kind of things especially the topic sex.
@yuukuzuri: My teacher in 2ndary school was quite open. Everyone was red in the face but at least she got the important message across.


@thestar_rage: Anyone here asked their parents about sex? Or where babies come from? What was their reaction?


@nicolebohyie: I guess I’m really blessed enough cause my Mum talks to me openly about it. From sex to masturbation. I’m glad I hv knowledge about such topic. 🙂
@Edmunndddnie: ”babies drop from the sky, people magically appear. Just like you!”
@johan__ariff: They try to change the topic
@tiffanykhoo: my mom told me all I had to do was pray to get a baby.. T.T
@lost5ever: no, not really. i guess they figured i would eventually understand all that when it’s my time to understand it all


@thestar_rage: What way and where do you think is best for young people to get all the necessary and right information about sex?


@JayAnilSS: experience from others and books that tell it uncensored. Edu tv shows can work as well so long as it is all exposed no block
@LuqmanLSG: From teachers at school. That way, it’s formal, & no awkwardness between friends (who they’ll be talking abt it with anyway).
@janeannaphilip: i think they should get the informati0n frm their parents or teacher. s0me0ne that they cn trust and they’re c0mfortable with!

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