By MELISSA ONG I was shocked to read the news of the three-year incestuous relationship between the father and daughter that made headlines recently. The part that worried me most was when she admitted to being a willing partner and that her father paid her for each intercourse.     The first thing that […]

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Everyone and you

By SHARMILA NAIR Rizal (not his real name) has been sexually active since he was 19. He has had multiple partners and it was only two years ago that he learned about the condom and its use in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. By then, he had already been diagnosed as HIV positive. “I have […]

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Cyber confessions

By DENIELLE LEONG, IAN YEE and KEVIN TAN THE 19-year-old founder and administrator of the unofficial Catholic High School (CHS) confession page on Facebook received a shocking “confession” a couple weeks back – a student said he had “contaminated” the school canteen’s chee cheong fun sauce. You don’t wanna know the details. As outlandish […]

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The ABCs on STDs

By ANGELIN YEOH IT IS probably hard enough to get young people talking about sex, let alone about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that could come with having unprotected sex. “Young people are most at risk of (contracting) STDs due to their low awareness on the diseases, the lack of prevention as well as biological […]

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Last week’s tag: #sexEd

YOUNG people are learning about sex – but where are they getting proper information when it comes to the birds and the bees? Are they getting the oh-so-important “talk” from adults such as their parents and teachers or are they turning to other source of information? The Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW) […]

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