The year that was

Many of you young ‘uns reading this column will probably not remember the simpler times in football. When I first started watching football, “diving” was the apocalyptic force threatening to destroy the beautiful game, and David Beckham wearing a sarong was the most sordid story of the decade. But now, we live in a rather […]

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Nani misses out…

Apparently, Manchester United star Nani isn’t even among the six nominated players for the PFA Player of the Year award.

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Rival transfers

Over the last two weeks, we’ve seen two players take the bold step of moving to a rival club

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Future Football

BEFORE we all became completely wired to Facebook like some freaky prequel to Surrogates (I don’t know why I’m even referencing that wretched movie), there was a time when football banter used to take place in the non-digital world, believe it or not.

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