Famous do-gooders

FOLLOWING the violent earthquake that devastated Haiti last week, thousands of good samaritans have opened their hearts and wallets to provide aid for the victims.

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Another week, another roundup

From birth, untimely passing, breakup and a not-so-secret secret wedding, the final weeks of the year sure proved to be newsworthy.

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Benji Madden hates the sight of Lindsay Lohan?

Why else would the Good Charlotte rocker walk away the moment he spotted her at a club?

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This is Twitterazzi 2.0

Hey guys, I’m sure that you’ve been following all the celebrity updates that we posted in Twitterazzi on You have, right?

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Tim Burton drags Helena out of the rat hole

Hide the children y’all, the freakshow is in town. Tim Burton was honoured by the New York’s Museum of Modern Art for his creepy creative work earlier this week.

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