Why else would the Good Charlotte rocker walk away the moment he spotted her at a club?

Party-goers at Teddy’s, Los Angeles were surprised when they saw downward-spiralling diva Lindsay walking to a table where Benji was seated, and the rocker got up and left.

Hmm…is Benji on team Samantha o r was he worried that Lindsay might drink up and ask him to pick up her tab, just like she did Kellan Lutz?

Maybe he’s just staying clear from trouble and doesn’t wish for any drama.

In a related news, LiLo found a new sleepover buddy and no, it’s not Tiger Woods. It is Jason Segel of the How I Met Your Mother fame.

After spending a night at Jason’s house, Lilo tweeted this as her ‘official statement’: haha*now..a meeting at a coworkers home has turned into a new love interest! It’s absurd! @least I’m laughing @the rediculous (sic) manifestations.

Sharm says: Lilo is definitely one man-eater! Good job steering clear off her path, Benj.

Miley’s got ink!

Ok, tell me. Who didn’t see  this one coming? Little Miles got herself a tattoo on her ribcage (right below her left boobie) and it’s caused a hoopla.

Not so innocent after all!

Not so innocent after all!

In a photo showing Miley in nothing more than a teeny-weeny pink bikini, the phrase “Just Breathe” is clearly visible on the teen queen.

It’s reported that Miley got that specific tattoo in memory of her close friend Vanessa who passed away due to cystic fibrosis.

Parents are outraged, saying that she’s too young to get a tattoo and it’ll lead to their kids asking to get one so soon as well.

Sharm says: Well parents, it’s your job to say ‘no’ to your kids, not Miley’s.

More reasons to be shirtless

The next superhero?

The next superhero?

Taylor Lautner has just found himself a new job that requires minimal clothing. The Twilight-fame hottie has reportedly been cast as the superhero Max Steel.

Deadline reports that Taylor will play an extreme sports junkie who gets into an accident that leaves him with superhuman powers. He is then recruited by a secret agency.

Hmm…will you watch the movie?

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