Billy Joel and supermodel Christie Brinkley’s daughter, Alexa Ray, was rushed to the hospital after the upcoming singer overdosed on sleeping pills.

Sources claim that Alexa was admitted to St. Vincent’s in NYC after her roommate found her unconscious at their Greenwich Village Apartment.

Though mom Christie rushed to be by her baby girl’s side, Billy opted to stay out of the circus. Nevertheless, a friend of Billy’s claim that the piano man constantly calls up the hospital for updates on his daughter.

Hmm, it’s not the same as being there in person Billy! Tsk..tsk.

Sharm says: OMG…why did Alexa want to take her own life? Was it because she doesn’t look like her mom and everybody calls her fug?¬† But she does have a great singing voice.

p/s: Has she seen Donatella Versace? Now, that’s…ermm..bug, hug, dug…what’s that word, again?

UPDATE: News has it that a possible breakup might be the reason behind Alexa Ray’s decision to overdose on sleeping pills. The singer, who’s known for her Twitter rants on boys and relationships, was said to have recently broken up with her musician BF Jimmy Riot.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Mommy Christie Brinkley may have pushed her daughter to commiting suicide, reports Perez Hilton.

Christie, who divorced Alexa Ray’s father Billy Joel, is said to always trash her ex-husband in front of her daughter, forcing the girl to defend her father.

Apparently, the mother-daughter duo have a rocky past and fight regularly over issues relating to Billy Joel.

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