Limited edition Avatar notepad/pen, glowglasses and messenger bag can be yours just by answering  two simple questions and captioning a movie still.

James Cameron (of Titanic fame) is back to take us to a spectacular world beyond imagination in Avatar. He takes on the role of director/co-producer/writer for this revolutionary movie.

After four years of production, James has finally realised his  15-year vision to create Avatar.

Avatar will be in theatres starting Dec 17

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The storyline revolves around a reluctant hero  who embarks on an epic adventure, fighting to save the alien world he has learned to call home.

The movie featuring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver is set to hit Malaysian theatres (wide in 3-D) on Dec 17.

To win ONE (1) set of Avatar goodies (ONE (1) messenger bag, ONE  (1) glowglass and ONE (1)  set of notepad/pen) courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film (M) S/B just answer these simple questions:

  1. Who is the director for Avatar?
  2. Name two cast members from Avatar.
"Men, I want you to go out there and do your best!"

Enter your best caption for this still. E.g: "Men, I want you to go out there and do your best!"

Don’t forget to include an interesting caption for the still shot above. You don’t have to stick to the example. Go crazy but remember…no profanities, racial or any other controversial statements, yeah!

Be extra creative with your caption and you might just be the lucky winner!

Contest ends on Dec 15, 2009 (Tuesday). Just leave your entries below and winners will be contacted through e-mail.

Good luck!

Wow guys! Thank you so much for participating in this contest. Congratulations to the winners, and do look out for my email yah!

To those who didn’t win, please don’t give  up! I have more goodies to give away. Lotsa love.



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